About Us



About us

Halogen is a cross between a film production company, a storytelling thinkbox as well as a strategy and consulting firm. In a post-advertising era, we help our clients create loyalty, authenticity and fondness. We build valuable content that creates memory instead of indifference At Halogen, we place great emphasis on productivity at an affordable cost.


Why Us?

  • Reinforce the reputation and the popularity of your brand
  • Convert new clients
  • Offer an immersive and customized experience
  • Create a membership and a greater audience engagement
  • Develop a community, collect data and increase sales.

Move from advertiser to Broadcaster

We make sure that the message resonates, because we build a content that lasts. We capture the behavior changes happening in the audience, we monitor your customer engagement, but most importantly we initiate a quantifiable evolution of your profits. We help you move from advertiser to broadcaster. Because today’s brands are competing with filmmakers, writers, and an omnipresence on various channels.